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Apply for Italian Citizenship at this Consulate only if you are a permanent resident of the following states: Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, Tennessee. If not, you must apply at the Italian Consulate competent for your place of legal residence.

Italian citizenship is currently regulated by Law no. 91/1992 (and regulations for its implementation: specifically DPR no. 572 of 12 October 1993 and DPR no. 362 of 18 April 1994) which, in contrast with previous laws, reassesses the importance of individual intention in the acquisition or loss of citizenship and recognises the right to hold more than one citizenship simultaneously.

For further details, please, refer to the following pages:

Important Information for All Applicants
Due to the huge workload and number of e-mail messages, we are not able to answer questions of a general nature that are already covered on the website. In as much as we would like to answer all your e-mails in a timely manner, we also ask for your patience in getting a reply as e-mails are answered in the order in which they arrive.

With 20,000 registered Italians and 2.5 million Americans of Italian origin within the Consulate’s jurisdiction, employees are asked to either assist the public during opening hours or handle paperwork. We urge you to consult our website where you will find answers to most of your questions. Please avoid requests for general information already available on this website or through the telephone service.

Please also note that due to the enormous interest and number of applications, the time period required for obtaining Italian citizenship has increased in the last few years. Additionally, all applications for citizenship by marriage after April 27th, 1983 are processed by Government authorities in Italy. We are in no way able to influence their progress. While we understand the applicants’ anticipation to become an Italian citizen, it should be clear that the office processes hundreds of citizenship applications, and that they are prioritized exclusively in the order in which they were received. E-mails, phone calls, personal visits will not speed this process.

The office contacts applicants every time information or documents are needed. Please do not ask for an update on the status of your application: if any relevant fact concerning your application should become evident, you will be notified as soon as your turn comes. There is, therefore, no need to check on the application. Upon completion of the file, this office will send confirmation in writing. Thank you for your cooperation.

For specific information regarding citizenship not contained in this website, and to schedule an appointment, please send an e-mail request to the following address: