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2018 Political Elections


2018 Political Elections

On March 4, 2018, Italian citizens will elect a new Parliament. Italian citizens who reside abroad and who are registered to vote in the Voting District for Italians Residing Abroad will be able to vote by mail.

Please note that according to article n. 48 of the Italian Constitution, the vote is personal, and equal, free, and secret. Exercising the right to vote is a civic duty. Therefore, the safe custody of the voting ballots received by mail is required, and it is forbidden to give the voting materials to third parties. Violations of these rules will lead to the enforcement of sanctions as set forth in article n. 18 of Law n. 459/2001.

For information and updates on the voting process, please refer to the news listed on this page or contact the Consulate of Italy in Detroit (whose jurisdiction includes the following States: Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio and Tennessee):

Consolato d'Italia a Detroit
535 Griswold
Buhl Building, Suite 1840
Detroit, Michigan (USA) 48226
Tel.: +1 (313) 963-8560

02-26-2018 - Highway Tolls Discounts for Italian Citizens Abroad who Travel to Italy for Voting Purposes (in Italian)

02-22-2018 - News - Weekend Opening Hours (in Italian)

02-16-2018 - News - Mailing of the Voting Packet

01-24-2018 - "Trenitalia" Discounts for Italian Citizens Abroad who Travel to Italy for Voting Purposes (in Italian) 

01-18-2018 - News - Voting Instructions and Deadlines (in Italian)

01-18-2018 - News - How to Vote (in Italian)

01-17-2018 - News - Voting for Italian Citizens Temporarily in a Different Consular Jurisdiction (in Italian)

01-10-2018 - News - Instructions for Running as a Candidate of the Abroad District (in Italian)

01-04-2018 - News - Voting for Italian Citizens Temporarily Abroad (in Italian)

01-02-2018 - News - Deadline for Italian Citizens Abroad for Sending the Option Form (January 8, 2018)

12-06-2017 - News - Voting Information for Italian Citizens Abroad

12-06-2017 - Option Form for Voting in Italy