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Public Announcement - In-kind Sponsorship


Public Announcement - In-kind Sponsorship

The Consulate of Italy in Detroit is looking for sponsorships for the organization of the 2020 “Festa della Repubblica”.

1. Eligibility and main characteristics of the sponsorship proposals.

Public and private entities, companies and other subjects (sponsors) who wish to establish a collaboration with the Consulate to promote their brand, services, products, and image by participating, through an in-kind sponsorship of goods or services, in the organization of the “Festa della Repubblica”, can express their interest with a proposal.

The Consulate of Italy will allow the presence of more than one sponsor in support of the initiative. The proposals cannot be considered binding for the Consulate (sponsee) until a contract is formalized.

2. Sponsorship agreement details.

The goal of the sponsorship is to make goods and services available for the celebration of the “Festa della Repubblica” and for possible upkeep expenses. The relationship between the Consulate of Italy, as a sponsee, and the sponsors will be regulated with separate contracts in accordance with the current Italian laws. The sponsors will also be responsible for additional fees or taxes, as established by Italian or local laws, which will result from the execution of the contract.

3. General responsibilities of the sponsee.

The Consulate of Italy will ensure visibility of the sponsors by publicizing their logo or other distinctive elements during the celebration for the “Festa della Repubblica” and through the communication channels of the Consulate.

For further details, please, contact the Consulate at the email or

4. Responsibilities of the sponsors.

The subjects selected as sponsors will provide goods and services in favor of the sponsee by means of a check or a bank wire transfer.

5. Requirements for the sponsors.

- Coherence with the public interests of the sponsee;

- Absence of conflict of interest between the public and private activity that is the object of the sponsorship or of its publicity;

- Absence of detriment or damage to the image of the Consulate of Italy or of its initiatives in a multilateral context;

- Absence of litigation with the Public Administration;

- Absence of impediments in contracting with the Public Administration and of reasons for exclusion to participation in public bidding as established by the article 80 of the Italian decree law n. 50/2016.

6. Deadline and evaluation of the proposals.

This announcement will be published and active until May 15. The sponsorship offers will be evaluated by the functionaries of the Consulate of Italy in Detroit who will take them into consideration respecting the principles of cost-effectiveness, efficiency, impartiality, equality, and transparency.

Based on the offers received, the sponsors will be selected and invited to draft a contract, which will be signed by the person responsible for the procedure (the Consul) and the sponsors’ legal representative.

Proposals with the highest possible financial offer will be favored. Projects in direct competition will be evaluated for their proposed financial offer and for the coherence between the sponsored public activity and the promotion of the sponsor. For proposals in direct competition, the sponsee, respecting the principles of transparency and of equal treatment, can initiate further negotiations between the sponsors in order to maximize the benefits for the Public Administration and without excluding the possibility of a coexistence of the competing sponsors.

The proposals are not binding for the sponsee until a contract is formalized. In particular, the Consulate has the right to refuse a proposal if, for the nature of the sponsorship or the activity of the sponsor, said proposal is considered incompatible with the institutional role of the Consulate or damaging to its image and decorum. Moreover, the sponsee can refuse any sponsorship offer that is not considered coherent with the goals of the initiative. Upon request and without any condition or limitation, the Consulate of Italy in Detroit has the right to withdraw from a sponsorship offer for reasons of foreign policy, free of charge and subject to the right to repay advances already paid.

7. Application process.

The interested subjects (see point 1) will have to send by May 15 the following documents:

a) A written proposal – using the form “Attachment 1” – indicating the applicant information and/or the company information, and specifying the proposed amount for the sponsorship.

b) An affidavit – using the form “Attachment 2” – attesting:

i. The absence of impediments in contracting with the Public Administration and of reasons for exclusion to participation in public bidding as established by the article 80 of the Italian decree law n. 50/2016;

ii. The indication of the individuals who are representing the company, the organization, or the foundation;

iii. The commitment to take on all responsibilities and costs directly connected to or subsequent to the organization of the event; the engagement to handle all the contractual obligations and to follow all the indications of the Consulate with regards to publicity and advertising.

c) The documentation must be completed in writing and sent by email to or to Applications can also be sent via mail to the Consulate or presented in person in our office located at 535 Griswold, Detroit, Michigan.

For further details and information, please contact the administrative office of the Consulate at or

8. Use of personal data.

Applicants will consent to the use, by the Consulate of Italy, of their personal data for the exclusive purpose of the administrative and accounting management. Data controller is the Consulate of Italy in Detroit.

Attachment 1: In-kind Sponsorship Offer
Attachment 2: Required Documents
Attachment 3: General Data Protection Regulation