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A Self-certification is a declaration that replaces normal and notary certificates. The person concerned will write and sign the declaration under his/her own responsibility, regarding his/her personal status, facts, and information to be used in relations with Italian Public Offices and Agencies and Providers of public services (Presidential Decree of 28 December 2000 no. 445 as amended) and limited to information that the foregoing can verify or certify.

The use of a Self-certification by a private party is at his/her discretion.

The laws governing Self-certifications apply to citizens of Italy and the European Union, as well as to citizens of non-European Union countries that legally reside in Italy given that the information can be verified or certified by Italian public authorities.

Self-certifications do not require that the signature is authenticated by a Consular Officer unless it is required by private entities not responsible for public services. If you submit or present a signed Self-certification, please enclose a non-authenticated photocopy of your identity document with a legible signature.

The submission of false certifications is punishable by law.

Form for a Self-certification in substitution of certification.

Form for a Self-certification in substitution of a declaration.