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Registry - AIRE


Registry - AIRE

400 Renaissance Center
Suite 950
Detroit, Michigan 48243 USA


How to register in AIRE

To register in AIRE you must create a profile on the FASTIT Portal. Citizens who were already registered in the AIRE of another consular jurisdiction and who move to the jurisdiction of the Consulate in Detroit also have to register in the FASTIT Portal. Citizens who move to a different address within this consular jurisdiction will have to change it directly in the FASTIT Portal, or complete the  change of address form and send it via email to


When submitting your request for AIRE registration in the FASTIT Portal, please include the following scanned documentation:


1) Italian ID for each person for whom the AIRE registration is requested:

Italian passport – (just the pages showing the passport holder’s information, signature, and the name of the office that issued the document);

OR an Italian carta d’identità;

OR letter confirming that the applicant(s) has/have been granted Italian citizenship issued by the Consulate that completed the citizenship application.

In the absence of one of these documents, citizens without proof of citizenship must submit a self-certification declaring their Italian citizenship.

2) Proof of legal residence in the United States of America:

Valid United States visa – (Please note: B1-B2 tourist visas are not sufficient for AIRE registration);

OR Valid Permanent Resident Card;

United States Passport (for those who are dual citizens) + copy of United States Certificate of Naturalization (only for those who acquired United States citizenship after birth) OR copy of Consular Report of Birth Abroad (only for natural born United States citizens born abroad).

3) Proof of residence in this Consular jurisdiction:

Local state driver license showing current address;

OR Utility bill (bank statement, television, phone, etc.);

OR Rental contract (just the page with the applicant's name and address).

Please note: If all family members reside at the same address, only one proof of residence is necessary and will be considered valid for all AIRE applicants at that address.