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Repatriation of Ashes to Italy


Repatriation of Ashes to Italy

To obtain the authorization to repatriate ashes to Italy, the Funeral Home must submit the following documents to the Italian Consulate:

1) The original or Certified Copy of Death Certificate authenticated with an APOSTILLE and translated in Italian;

2) The most recent passport of the deceased (Italian, American, or both);

3) One original “Certificate of Cremation” issued by the crematorium authenticated with an APOSTILLE and translated in Italian;

4) An official letter from the Funeral Home stating the following:
- The cremated remains has been placed in an approved urn and the urn was in turn placed in a shipping container approved by the airline as required by law;

5) A small metal or plastic plate must be affixed to the shipping container and must indicate the following information relating to the deceased: name and last name (maiden name, if applicable), date of birth and date of death;

6) An authorization letter from the family stating the following:

- the name of the Cemetery;
- the burial Municipality;
- the name of the Funeral Home that must act on their behalf in cooperation with this Consular Office;
- the travel information (including the airline) and the airport of entry of the ashes in Italy;

7) A prepaid envelope to mail the official documentation issued from this Consular Office to the Funeral Home. (For picking up the documents at the Consulate, please schedule an appointment first).

8) Money order made out to the Consulate of Italy in Detroit for $250.

The Consulate will request from the proper Italian Authorities the authorization to allow the ashes to enter the Italian National Territory for burial (as it is not regulated by this office, we cannot provide the exact time frame for the issuance of the above mentioned authorization provided by the Municipality).

It is illegal in Italy to scatter ashes without formal authorization from the local City Hall. Authorization and regulations to scatter ashes may be obtained from the “Comune” (City Hall) in Italy.

Please do not make airline reservations until authorization is received. 

For questions or for starting the procedure, please email the Consulate at